Top 3 Reasons Cruiser Bikes Are Great For Kids

Beach cruisers have a long history behind them and if you are a parent right now, it is quite likely that you are part of the baby boomer generation who enjoyed these bikes as children. Although times are changing, and although many better things have been invented ever since you were a kid in multiple areas (such as the IT, for example), the truth is that when it comes to bikes, a beach bike can still be a great choice for your kid. Why is that? Read on and find out more.

There are many, many reasons for which beach bikes are absolutely great for kids, but one of the main ones is related to their safety. A beach bike will always be heavier than other types of bikes, which makes it less fast. That means that there is less of a chance that your kid gets injured while using the bike. Even more, beach bikes have larger tiers, which makes them more stable on the road and this also diminishes the chances that your kid will fall off it.

Another reason for which the future beach cruiser of your kid should be a cruiser one is related to the fact that you can find these bikes in any size you want. There are around five sizes for these bikes, each one suitable for a particular group of age. Thus, the 16” wheel one is suitable for children from 1 to 5, the 20” one is suitable for kids aged from 4 to 8, the 24” one is suitable for kids from 8 to adulthood (as long as they are not more than 5’4” in height) and the 26” is best for kids ages from 11 to adulthood (up to 6’4” in height).

Thirdly, cruiser bikes are great for children because they are both comfortable and extremely fun. If you want to teach your kid the value of exercising, then these bikes will be a great way to start doing it. Even more, there are bikes suitable for every type of position your kid will like in the seat (even standing up right, which may be healthier for his/her lower back). Also, these bikes come in a very wide range of colors and designs, which can matter a lot for your children. Thus, you will find the perfect cruiser bike (and the safest one as well!) regardless of how old your kid is or which may be his/her preferences.


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